How to write a summary for a resume

How to write a summary for a resume

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I have not seen a particularly bad resume, but there are a few points that hurt the eyes. First of all, it is marital status (“not married”, “married”, “father of two children”), age and year of birth, information about a hobby (“actively engaged in parkour”, “I like to ride roller skates”). Why do I need it? Another quite frequent mistake is the experience that is irrelevant to the vacancy. For example: “he worked as a waiter” or “was an operator at a television studio”. The size. 1-2 pages. Time is a critical resource, and no one will spend it on a full review of a large resume. Therefore, all the excess is better cut. Registration. The main thing in the resume is a point about experience. This section should be quick and contain the following information: technology stack; number of years months on each of the projects; company; project domain; your role on the project.

A few simple phrases are enough, for example: “I tested, wrote code, designed architecture, deployed, accompanied, fixed bugs, formed, analyzed requirements”. If there were super complex or interesting problems, they can also be mentioned. For example, “Wrote a video decoder in JavaScript.” A photo. No, this is extra information. I still see you at the interview (or not). Transmittal letter. In my practice, I have never met. As for me, this is unnecessary. Better show your code. Advice to beginners. Even if you are a beginner, you definitely try to write some code, solve some problems. Therefore, for a newbie, the best approach is to show your GitHub account. Can a LinkedIn link be a substitute for a resume? Yes, it is quite. This is even better than PDF. Pogane hostile spravlyaet resume with spelling і rude punctuation shavings. The stench sting their vagu about vtri і. Pogana angliyyska tezh not until the positive enemy. More for all such candidates, I do not care. Rose The optimal rosmir resume for an engineer with a singing dosvіdom up to three tablespoons.

Design. On the other hand, rotate a “cap” and information format: objective, list of technologies tools methodologies, appraisals, and professional knowledge. On the third and third storinka, present a list of the most interesting and most important projects. Periodically edit the list, filled with those, you were given the most important and relevant information. Make sure you don’t give up on Objective, give a detailed description of the sense, but here you can learn briefly about them.

In the description of the project, those who didn’t work like that, but those who did it, who did the tasks, designed the system, knew the most important bugs, knew them. At the same time, the importance of completing the hour: not “virishuvali”, but “virishy”. Not a lot of pererahovuvov povny stack tekhnologiyy to write lish ti, yak koristuvalisya і ikі know. Yakscho Keruvali command yak tіmlіd chi PM, to enter a number of people in the team. I do not read rozdil with special cleanliness.