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What should a resume look ike

It is immediately alarming if a person has a large number of technologies that are loosely connected with each other and not too many years of experience. I hardly invite a candidate who writes that he is engaged in mobile development, layout, backend development, writes simultaneously in Ruby, PHP, ASP.NET, Python, while creating online stores, developing mobile applications and doing a little more design. Most likely, such a person has sufficiently superficial knowledge in each individual direction and constantly switched from one sphere to another. But in order to become a specialist, as you remember, you need to devote to a particular case for at least 10,000 hours. Also, do not specify in the resume skills and experience not directly related to IT. Experience as a bartender, a hairdresser or a public relations professional will look very strange in a resume for the position of Python Developer. An exception may be if the vacancy is adjacent to a subject area. For example, if a candidate is submitted for the position of PM to a company that develops software for assessing financial risks, then experience in a bank will be a plus.

The size. Up to three sheets of A4 this is enough to indicate all the information about yourself. More information is inconvenient to perceive. Registration. It is advisable to avoid exotic fonts. The font size should be within 12-14 points so that the text is not too small or large. Experience is best done as follows: Company name; position held, the period of work in this position;task list area of ​​responsibility for the position held; a short list of what the employee was able to achieve in this position and what he considers to be his achievements.

I don’t see much sense in the paragraph about personal qualities. Unless a person really possesses some unique personal qualities, for example: he can pass through walls, he has the highest IQ in the world, or he is a cute cat who can write code.  A photo. Personally, I do not see the need for this. And given that HR often print summaries on a black and white printer, the photo may turn into an indistinct black and gray spot.  Transmittal letter. For me, such a letter would hardly be a significant advantage. I pay more attention to the resume itself.

Advice to beginners. Focus on one direction first. It is not necessary to include in the resume all the technologies in a row, including text editors. It is better to specify several technologies tools with which you managed to work and gain at least a little, but experience.  In the absence of commercial experience, a big plus will be your own pet-project or participation in Open Source. A link to a GitHub profile and the presence of one or two projects with a history of commits will help to create a positive impression about the candidate. Can a LinkedIn link be a substitute for a resume? Yes, as a replacement for a resume, a LinkedIn profile is suitable but only if it is filled out in detail and contains all relevant information.