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What is a cover letter for resume

Grammatical spelling errors in the resume suggest that the person did not read it, did not give it to the test, in other words, did it carelessly. Also a negative impression creates a large amount of “water” in the resume. Fortunately, in our country it is rare. If the vacancy is in English, then I expect a summary in English. This is another way to test language and the ability to express one’s thoughts. Summary in Russian immediately into the furnace. The size. 2-3 pages are usually enough. There are worthy exceptions when they place everything on one page, but more often it is better to have several pages. Registration. I am most interested in sections: about the author (several sentences at the beginning), skills, education (trainings, courses). If everything is fine here, I look through work experience, completed projects.

When completing the section on work experience, indicate the dates of commencement and termination of work in the company, and also write in brackets how many years it is (for example, 1.4 years). When it is written, you immediately understand that a person thinks not only about himself, but also about who will read the summary. He will not have to calculate this figure in his mind. For each place of work it is nice to see information divided into several sections: what is the project about, technologies, technical roles, managerial and other functions. If you write a section about personal qualities, indicate the facts, real life examples. A photo. It is always more pleasant to see not only the black and white letters of the name, but also to associate the person to the context of the summary. Transmittal letter. Recently, most of them send. I think that this is a good practice, but they often write wrong. In this section, you want to see the reason why you should open a resume or delete without looking. I would be pleased to immediately see the experience (number of years), the main skills.

Advice to beginners. A big plus will be any achievements and real facts showing how quickly a person learns and grasps a new one. I will also pay attention to the fan, if the resume will be interesting, with humor Can a LinkedIn link be a substitute for a resume? No, except for the case when everything is described in detail in the linkedin. But this is 2% of all people. I will definitely not invite a candidate whose summary contains grammatical errors will be unstructured. It looks strange half-page summary, if the candidate claims to be middle. Do not write a lie in the resume or ascribe to yourself what you do not know. I sometimes even ask about those skills that may not be needed for this position, but are declared in the resume. If a person ascribes to himself knowledge of what he does not possess, this creates a bad impression about the candidate. The size. 2-3 pages, maximum 4. All that is more a lot.

Registration. The resume should be structured. Use a template, for example: When completing the section on work experience, list the positions taken, your duties, achievements, technologies. I wonder what a person is proud of and what is its value. The section with personal qualities can not write. Moreover, for me the presence of such a section smacks of insincerity. It is unlikely that someone in it will write: “I do not like to work in a team” or “I think that I am always right.”