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How to were a resume for a job

A negative impression of a candidate is created by a carelessly drafted resume, without structure, without adherence to style. The size. 1-2 pages. Registration. Pay attention to the structure. Describe in detail the experience of the previous 2-3 years, and reduce the rest to the most significant interesting. The section with personal qualities does not think that is important. But if you have something to say, it is worth saying. A photo. From the US, there is a tendency to remove information that can discriminate a candidate. A good photo can improve the overall impression, but it is not at all necessary for me.

Transmittal letter. Handling cover letters are often more interesting than without them. This allows you to better present the image of the candidate. In general, it will be a good way to write a few sentences about yourself and your decision, like in any business correspondence. Dry resumes are perceived rather negatively, but this is only if the candidate himself responds to the vacancy. If a recruiter invites him, I consider it stupid to ask for a cover letter.

Advice to beginners. I would draw attention to the aspirations of the person, what he studies, how, on what practices, what happened to achieve. Can a LinkedIn link be a substitute for a resume? I think maybe if there is a cover letter and the profile is well filled. However, many still ask for a resume, so it’s worth having one too. For each place of work it is nice to see information divided into several sections: what is the project about, technologies, technical roles, managerial and other functions. If you write a section about personal qualities, indicate the facts, real life examples.

A photo. It is always more pleasant to see not only the black and white letters of the name, but also to associate the person to the context of the summary. Transmittal letter. Recently, most of them send. I think that this is a good practice, but they often write wrong. In this section, you want to see the reason why you should open a resume or delete without looking. I would be pleased to immediately see the experience (number of years), the main skills. Advice to beginners. A big plus will be any achievements and real facts showing how quickly a person learns and grasps a new one. I will also pay attention to the fan, if the resume will be interesting, with humor Can a LinkedIn link be a substitute for a resume? No, except for the case when everything is described in detail in the linkedin. But this is 2% of all people. The size. Up to three sheets of A4 this is enough to indicate all the information about yourself. More information is inconvenient to perceive. Registration. It is advisable to avoid exotic fonts. The font size should be within 12-14 points so that the text is not too small or large.