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How to make a resume for a job

Bad if there are more than 2 kinds of font or text color in the resume, grammatical or syntax errors, inappropriate photos (for example, from a party), there is no structure. And if it is possible for the junior to forgive, then for such things such things do not give attention to details or irresponsibility. It also spoils the impression of the phrase-cliches summary, hinting that the candidate wants to fill the void in the resume. Size. The best is 2 pages even. If it’s more, it’s hard to find the right information quickly. One page is suitable for beginners.

Design. The section on work experience is important to structure so that the last jobs are on top. Descriptions should be short enough so that you can quickly understand what the candidates did in previous work. Use the black text color and some standard font, such as Arial or Times New Roman. Work places or important points in technology stack should be bold or italicized to attract attention. If you use lists, do not do many subordinate lists, otherwise the text will be difficult to perceive. If the vacancy involves some graphic skills, insert the infographics elements in the resume. The section on personal qualities is not important. Do not write a cliché like hard working, positive. They cause a certain feeling of “no, not again”.

Photo In IT, in most roles the appearance is not the main thing, so a photo is not required. The employee is primarily regarded as a professional, therefore, the appearance may interfere with the initial weighted assessment of the candidate. Cover Letter. It is worth writing because it gives the first impression of a person and explains who you are and why you sent a resume. In the cover letter, you must specify what vacancy you are applying for and briefly describe why you want to take this position. A tip for beginners. Will pay attention to formatting and structure. In the absence of experience, this is the only thing you can make a positive or negative impression. A well-formatted resume will indicate that a person has done some research on how best to write a resume, approached the process with responsibility.

Can a link to LinkedIn be a replacement for a resume? I believe that no, but the summary should add a link to your profile. On LinkedIn you can post more information, reviews. This allows you to get a better impression of the candidate. Please note the description of work experience. The list of technologies under each position, as a rule, is not enough to understand something meaningful about the candidate’s experience. It is better to write a short text instead of a tag cloud.